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Aquos Brawler

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Aquos Brawler

Post  Aquos Brawler on Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:53 pm

Likes spicy food and videogames and of course bakugan!
Doens't like walking to school with a heavy bag.
Black, spiky hair, of often wears a black and blue hoody jacket. Black pants.
Aquos Frosch: 550g, Aquos Preyas: 450g, Aquos Elfin: 450g, Aquos Elico: 450g, Tripod Epsilon: 450g.
Blue Stealth ability card, Aquos Cyclone ability card, Wind Mercury ability card, Moon Rainbow ability card, Shooting Stardust ability card, Blue Sheild ability card, Scramble Zwei ability card, Flash Freeze ability card, Mythran Judge ability card, Trade Off gate card, Spinning Tornado gate card, and Whirlpool gate card.

Aquos Brawler

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